Our farm is located in Troy, Idaho, approximately 18 miles from Moscow, the home of the University of Idaho.  We raise naturally grown grassfed and grass finished beef.  Our low impact farming techniques allow us to produce some of the highest quality and best tasting meats, while acting as stewards to the land we use to do it.  We work hard to offer you the best meat products available on the Palouse.  


Every aspect of our farm including livestock care, marketing and sales, is run by us, Chance Chacon and Jen Elliott.  Both our families have farming history, but as with many people our age farming skipped a generation. While Chance grew up around horses, we are both new to farming and raising livestock.  We come to farming from other professions and are learning the trade as we go.  We are humbled by the challenges we encounter and have a growing appreciation for how farmers and ranchers raise food.  We look at everything we do as an opportunity to learn and build on to accomplish our goals.


Our young children, Sam (5 yrs) and Ella Mae (3 yrs) are an integral part of our operation and a big reason why we do what we do.  We started into this adventure as a way to supply ourselves with high quality, healthy meat and to manage our property.  It's slowly grown into a small business where we raise to sell meat in our local community.  

Our animals help us manage our land.They keep our pastures clipped by eating grasses.  We move them regularly (rotational grazing) throughout the growing season to allow the grass to regrow instead of getting worn down.  Their waste in turn naturally fertilizes and enriches the soil.  Because they have so much space, the land stays clean and the animals stay healthy. 

We respect and appreciate the animals that provide us with food and we treat them accordingly.  We make every effort to ensure our animals lead a comfortable life that allows them to act and live in accordance with their natural instincts.  We limit the size of our  farm to match the number of animals it can sustain. 

Our Animals

The Farmers

Our animals eat green pasture comprised of a mixture of grass, legumes and forbs.  During winter months they eat home-grown hay free from any additives.  

Our animals have free access to roam outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine year round.  We provide them with protective enclosure from harsh weather conditions.  

"Every time you make a decision about food, you are farming by proxy."  Wendell Berry